Here at United Financial Services we pride ourselves on delivering results for clients who have problems getting Car Loan Finance.  Whether it be because you have defualts, ex bankrupt, or simply because you didnt pass the banks “credit scoring” system we are here to help you get approved.




Many Borrowers have become affected by Lenders who are tightening their credit policies in recent times. We understand that life can sometimes interfere with good intentions of honouring your credit providers and loans. We have handled clients who have faced unemployment, illness, injury, divorce, or even a dispute with a creditor. United Financial Services believes in second chances. Generally, applicants who are employees, even part time, will be successful in securing a loan with one of our lenders at competitive rates. Even if you are self-employed and cannot provide financials, we have Lenders willing to offer finance packages to suit your circumstances.

Some possible scenarios for requiring a non-conforming loan are your repayments on your debts have been late at some stage over the past 6 months; or you have been declined for a new loan even though you are working full time or part time

Even if you think your loan application would be too tricky, make sure you call our office and talk to one of our experts, you will be surprised what we can come up with.

When the banks don’t want to help give us a call!  We are experts in tricky loans!

*conditions apply