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UFS Direct can assist with the financing costs of car repairs; we can arrange finance for all Mechanical Repairs including panel beating.

Car repairs are expensive. While the initial cost of a car might not be that much, bringing that same car to the mechanic can easily empty your bank account.

UFS Direct can assist with financing repairs on your car with a quick fixed rate Personal Loan.

If you rely upon your car to get to work, to pick up your children, and to simply get around town, you know how important your vehicle really is. But, what can you do if you just can’t afford to pay for those pricey car repairs?

Considered applying for a Fixed Rate Personal Loan with UFS Direct That’s right – your Car can be back on the road in no time. Fixed Rate Personal Loans can be used for any worthwhile purpose including Car Repairs both Mechanical and Smash Repairs.

This type of loan is also perfect for truck drivers, Couriers and those who rely on their Car being mechanically sound.

UFS Direct can assist with Auto or Car Repair Loans simply send an enquiry or apply online