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What's better than a day out on the bay? Owning your own boat which is out on the bay!

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At UFS Direct we can assist you with the purchase of older and imported vehicle. We have access to various lenders who can assist with:

  • Classic prestige cars
  • Older vehicle
  • Modified cars

A UFS Direct fast car loan is the ideal way to finance your new car. Whether you are buying a new or used car from a dealer, at auction or from a friend we’ll make it quick, easy and simple. If you’ve already found the car you’re after simply apply online today or submit the Enquiry form to us and we will call you to assist in submitting the application.

UFS Direct can provide you with a Pre-Approval If you have not found the car and need to shop around for the right car. This process allows you to shop with confidence.
Whichever it is, we’re here to help you finance the right car at the right price.

Before applying gathering the following information makes the process easy and simple.

  • Your driver’s licence
  • Your home, work and mobile phone numbers
  • Your financial details – income and outgoings (rent or mortgage payments, other loans and credit card etc.)
  • Details of your current & previous credit


UFS can tailor car loans to meet your business needs. We offer competitive rates, flexible loan terms and fast approval to take all the pain out of buying a new car. Give us a call or apply online now to see how we can help.

Before you apply please have the following details handy:

  • Your driver’s licence
  • Your home, work and mobile phone numbers
  • Details of the entity that will borrow or lease the funds (ABN, Date of Incorpation, Registered Address etc.)
  • Your financial details – Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheet, Tax Returns, BAS Returns
  • Details of your current & previous credit
  • Accountant’s details – name of firm, contact person and phone number
  • Details of your No Claim Bonus history for comprehensive insurance (number of years and/or percentage)


We pride ourselves in providing the Best Loans First tailored to suit your financial situation